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About This Certificate

Harness the power of the design process to create and develop your own socially innovative business, or master strategies for leading socially-conscious initiatives within your company. Each course builds on the next, taking students from concept to venture, from prototyping to validating and creating a tested proof of concept. Students emerge with future-forward business skills such as business model creation, organizational leadership, and pitching socially-relevant ventures to investors.

Timeline to Completion: Courses last six weeks. Most students take two courses per semester. Certificate must be completed in two years, but many students finish in two semesters. 

Enrollment Type: Noncredit

Number of Courses: 4 courses

Format: Online only

Course Sequence: Students planning to complete the certificate are advised to take Introduction to Design, Social Impact, and Entrepreneurship first and Launch and Scale Your Social Impact Venture last.

$577 per course; $2308 total

Required Courses
Introduction to Design, Social Impact, and Entrepreneurship (1 of 4)
  • Aug 26 - Oct 06 , Fall 2019
  • Krenitski, Alice
Designing Impact: From Idea to Proof of Concept (2 of 4)
  • Oct 28 - Dec 15 , Fall 2019
  • Huang, Lee-Sean
Business Models and Strategy for Social Impact (3 of 4)
  • Aug 26 - Oct 06 , Fall 2019
  • Godelnik, Raz
Launch and Scale Your Social Impact Venture (4 of 4)
  • Oct 28 - Dec 15 , Fall 2019
  • Johnson, Shaun
What You’Ll Learn
  1. Understand the design process, from ideation to implementation, can support the creation of socially innovative ideas specifically for social impact.
  2. Develop and iterate prototypes.
  3. Understand how Lean Launch Pad methods can be applied to customer discovery and sustainable business modeling.
  4. Identify and pitch a venture to funders/investors.
Who Should Enroll
  • Established professionals seeking career advancement, or preparation for undertaking new entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial ventures.

How to Enroll

More than a course.
A new kind of network.
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