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About This Certificate

Transform yourself from fashion connoisseur to entrepreneur. This program offers the basics in business practices for anyone interested in the fashion industry, providing practical and theoretical foundations for industry or entrepreneurial careers. Course topics include, the most recent developments and history of merchandising and retail buying, the ongoing changes and evolution in global marketing, insights and experience in the NYC fashion industry, and basic fashion history.

Timeline to Completion: Most courses last nine weeks or more. Courses meeting for fewer than nine sessions count as half of an elective and need to be combined to fulfill one elective requirement. Most students take two courses per semester. Certificate must be completed in two years.

Enrollment Type: Noncredit

Number of Courses: 8 total courses (including 2 electives)

Format: Online, on-campus or a combination of both

Course Sequence: To earn this certificate students must complete all required courses.

$814 - $834 per course, $6,512 - $6,552 total


The certificate requires completion of eight required courses (consult with an advisor on elective options)

Required Courses
Consumer Behavior
  • Aug 26 - Oct 27 , Fall 2019
  • Johnson, Marie
Fashion Marketing Global Environment
  • Sep 12 - Dec 05 , Fall 2019
  • Polizzi, Jeanine
Fashion Merchandising
  • Sep 11 - Dec 11 , Fall 2019
  • Lazarides, Athena
Medium of Fashion: Textiles
  • Oct 07 - Dec 15 , Fall 2019
  • O'Meara, Liam
Worth to Westwood:Fashion Hist
  • Sep 09 - Dec 02 , Fall 2019
  • Sheikh, Aneesa
Retail Buying
  • Aug 26 - Oct 27 , Fall 2019
  • Cozzi, Stephanie
What You’Ll Learn
  1. The leadership skills needed in the collaborative environment of buying and selling.
  2. The planning process: forecasting and buying plans.
  3. The product development process, planning, decision making, and how it functions in a global manufacturing environment and marketplace.
  4. How demographics and psychographics are assessed to identify specific consumers.
  5. How marketers use social media to learn about and communicate with customers.
  6. How to communicate with a vendor, supplier or producer of goods: trade talk terminology.
  7. Exposure to industry professionals representing various categories.
Who Should Enroll
  • Anyone with an interest in the business of the fashion industry, from marketing, merchandising, and retail, to the history and globalization of the business.

  • Professionals currently in the fashion industry who want a refresher on industry standards, practices, and ongoing changes in the business of fashion.

  • Independent designers of garments, accessories, lifestyle products and experiences seeking information to from their own businesses or go into partnership with other like-minded creative individuals.

Jobs in Fashion Business:

  • Retail buyer/manager/merchandiser

  • Stylist

  • Sales planner/coordinator

  • Fashion consultant

  • Planning & buying associate

  • Fashion/lifestyle account executive

  • Retail/merchandise marketing coordinator

  • Brand analyst

  • Marketing analyst

  • Marketing/event coordinator

  • Merchandise allocator

  • Many other jobs within the creative industry of fashion

How to Enroll

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