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About This Certificate

Open up the English language world to your students. Designed for aspiring and working teachers alike, courses in this certificate program emphasize communicative, content-based, student-centered learning. This highly regarded program awards a Certificate in Teaching English (CTE) for successful completion of a structured curriculum of five courses, including a minimum of 50 hours of student teaching. The program equips students with skills readily applicable to classroom teaching and tutoring in the United States and abroad.

Timeline to CompletionThe CTE can be completed in one year (two semesters) of full-time study; it must be completed in two years. Optional short professional development courses are offered every semester for working ESOL teachers and others interested in this field. 

Enrollment Type: Credit and noncredit

Number of Courses: 6 courses, including at least 50 hours of student teaching.

Format: On-campus

Course Sequence: Courses need not be taken in the order listed unless a prerequisite is indicated in the course description. 

TBD credit; $4,060 noncredit

  • Methods and Techniques of Teaching ELLs
  • English Grammar for ESL/EFL Teachers
  • Using Authentic Materials to Teach ESL
  • Assessment in the Language Classroom
  • Teaching the Sound System of English
  • ESL Teaching Practicum
What You'll Learn
  1. Preparation for teaching English in private language schools, community colleges, universities, adult education language programs, and private businesses
  2. The ability to work as a personal tutor in the United States and around the world
Who Should Enroll
  • Aspiring and working ESL teachers
  • Students interested in pursuing a degree in English Language Teaching.

How to Enroll

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